Getting Perspective

italy panorama

I’ve felt solid with myself lately after a few heavy years of change, but a bit stagnant in my new skin. My content management work at LinkedIn has been busy recently, just as I’ve also been focusing most of my free evenings recording an upcoming album project.  It’s been quite a blur this last 6 months of fumbling forward into my newfound full-time single dad life.

The first week of July – vacation time – was always blocked out in my calendar for a vacation, but all things considered I went a little bigger this year and booked a 2-week sojourn for my son and I across Italy and France starting on the 4th of July.  Kaboom.

Perfectly sandwiching itself between the United States’ Independence Day on the 4th, and the 14th de Juilliet (Bastille Day/French Independence Day), it presented an equally poignant shift between cultures.  For my son Devin, having not yet left the States, it was an eye-opening experience – speaking in broken sentences in languages he didn’t understand, adapting to strange and different local and cultural norms quickly, leaving his all-too-comfortable preconceptions of the world behind like footprints.

The trip certainly netted us both a truckload of fresh perspective.
In so many ways.

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