Expectations suck.


I’ve been living a bit of an experiment with expectations the last few months during my healing process, and it’s become so telling that’s it’s far less of an experiment now and really just a Very Good Thing to be mindful of in general. This experiment really gets down to managing expectations, and/or the lack thereof. Given tonight’s Supermoon is the biggest in years, ushering in a phase of rebirth and cleansing, I’m gonna concentrate on what I’ve learned in this regard and get an energetic leg-up this evening. Curious? Let me explain.

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Turning the Page.

Keep away from the edge

To say the last two years have been strange would be an understatement. Beautiful, tragic, confusing, powerful, humbling, life-changing – all of these words apply equally well, and collectively.

A little over two years ago I very nearly died. In practical terms, I was actually dead for a hot moment. Although I was out of critical care and back home recovering within a few weeks, the devastating ripple effects of this experience couldn’t be predicted, or prepared for.

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An armchair, post-NAMM wishlist.

2014 NAMM Show - Day 3

I always look forward to January, and my annual trip to the NAMM show in Anaheim to gawk at the cutting edge of music hardware (and software).  When I realized my schedule wouldn’t get me to NAMM this month I was bummed, but kept my ears and eyes peeled online. Despite no significant time on the show floor this year, there were a few announcements and developments at NAMM 2015 that still caught my attention. It should come as no surprise that I’m rather focused on effects & amps for guitar & bass. Here’s my video post-NAMM wishlist, with commentary.

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Personal productivity.


From DayRunners to Franklin Planners to Palm Pilots, Handspring Visors, Android and iOS phones and tablets and more, I’ve regularly pushed the boundaries of the tools I had on hand to make organizing my life as minimal and frictionless as possible.  However, the basics of personal productivity transcend technology- and are much more about routine and discipline.  Without discipline and consistency, any productivity strategy will fail.

Here’s the simple tactics I use to keep life on the rails – whether on paper or electrons – and how you can do the same for your own life.

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Install a Badass II bridge on your bass.

Installing a Badass II bridge in your bass

I’ve installed Badass II (series) high-mass bridges in every bass in my collection that will take them, and love ’em to death for their beefy sustain and definition. That said, they often come without string slots cut- which doesn’t exactly make them a drop-in mod, but in need of some handiwork to install. I would personally avoid the pre-slotted bridges, as cutting them yourself allows you to get a perfect string spacing and fit for your particular bass. If you’ve got an unslotted Badass II bridge (and even if you don’t, you can just skip the filing/slotting section below), here’s a quick rundown of how I installed them in my basses, when I did the work myself.

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